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Field Type errors in webparts.

I’ve been making some changes to the Summaries webPart this week following the successful beta with the users. The key problem I hit was an unexpected error when changing one of the selected views in the web part. I received a very helpful “One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the …

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State Machine.. like pulling teeth?

Well almost, Had a minor break from the work this morning to have a cracked tooth looked at, Unfortunatley it was too badly damaged and it’s had to come out.. Well the novocain or whatever they use nowadays has well and truly worn out and yours truly is hitting the Ibuprofen hard!! So, to ease …

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Dropdown option lists in webpart personalisation menus

I’ve been writing my own SharePoint webparts for a few months now and have been quite happy using personalisation options to provide a certain degree of control during runtime from the Edit Shared Webpart properties menu. All of these controls have either been using a text box entry or a tick box boolean, Until now …

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SQL Reporting Services. Installing BIDS as an afterthought!

I hit a slight problem with the SQL install on the dev box today. When I first installed SQL, I included a lot of the workstation tools, but I didn’t include the tools required for designing reports in VS 2005. In addition, since I did the install, I’ve put SP2 on the server. So now, …

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On the subject of disposal.

I came cross a very good Blogpost by Roger Lamb on he subject of Object disposal within the SharePoint namespace. For anyone even contemplating traversing the object model within Webparts, ASPX pages or workflow, then I would recommend having a very good read!! Roger Lamb’s Object Disposal blog post.. Reg.

Encore en fois.. Home again..

After a very eventful weeks snowboarding, I’m back in Blighty again and once more on the SharePoint development trail. The project suffered a minor set-back as I return from holiday with a broken nose and a re-injured back from a couple of bad falls. Nothing too major, but I also picked up a chest infection …

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Adding business hours….

Part of our workflows have some time critical tasks. In this particular instance, there is a measurable KPI of 12 business hours to respond to an event. The DateTime construct is very useful for date manipulation, but does not appear to provide an easy way to understand Business Hours. So how to go about tracking …

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Workflow design in Visual Studio 2005

Well that was an interesting few hours this afternoon following Nick’s article on creating workflow within Visual Studio 2005 for SharePoint. I got as far as creating all the InfoPath structures, and then when I went to edit the workflow.cs in Workflow Designer, I was faced with a Class Script and Nick had a pretty …

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