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Mar 06

Recommended Reading..

Ok, thanks to Amazon’s associates stores, I’ve put together a collection of recommended books for those starting down the SharePoint development track. Reg’s Recommended Reading List Take a look! Reg.

Dec 20

Spam users..

I’ve just been through and deleted several hundred accounts that have been created by obvious spam users. My spam filters are rpetty good and prevent them posting anything, but they still create accounts…. Apologies if anyone has had their account removed in error, I only deleted the obvious looking ones, but you never know..

Nov 13

Conundrum Solved:- Almost..

Well, I’ve fixed the problem with checking for locks, the SPListItem has a reference to the underlying SPFile object. This permits you to use SPFile.CheckOutStatus to check. I have written a long post about how to use this, but for some reaosn the code in it upsets WordPress, so I’ll get a new code add-in …

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Apr 25


Well I took the exam.. And found that the study work I put in has paid off.. oh and probably the last 9 months playing with the Beta and the RTM versions.. 890 points I got, with a pass mark of 700, so I was happy. I think my knowledge of Kerberos and Multi/Unicasting is …

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Apr 24

Quiet huh?

Well that’s cos I locked myself away for a few days to study for 70-631 – Windows Sharepoint Services – Configuring and Administering.. I’m due to take it in 1.5 hours and I don’t feel at all confident.. grin

Feb 28

SQL 2005 Std Installation

10 hours down the road and we now have a SQL 2005 installation. I’m not sure if I missed something during the install (and I did it twice after the tempDB issues (see below)) but I couldn’t find where to set the default Database and Logfile locations during install. (Should I have used the command …

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Feb 08

Its white out there..

Brr.. chilly start this morning, Opened the front door to roughly 3 inches of snow out in the rural area that I live in. 15 minutes trudging through it to the station certainly woke me up. I don’t normally use the train, but I’m up in London today to look at a company providing SharePoint …

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Feb 03

Mmm… cardboard!

Hmm.. first Saturday morning of the weightloss… Hunger pangs are showing through.. why oh why does Bran Flakes taste like cardboard when you’re dieting, yet they are perfectly fine the rest of the year? Never mind, I’ve made it to 11:30 without snacking (apart from copious amounts of coffee with skimmed milk!), even whilst wading …

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