SharePoint 2019 has reached General Availability

So you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit remiss in posting recently.. that’s mostly down to the current chaos in my house while we build a large extension. Living out of two rooms juggling work and build activities doesn’t leave much time to getting thoughts down on paper. I’ve been spending what spare time I have getting up to speed on announcements from Ignite in readiness for my two sessions at the upcoming Office 365 & SharePoint Connect 2018 in Amsterdam next month. If you haven’t already seen the line up for this conference then I really would recommend it. (See here for more info!)

But the big news that I really wanted to highlight today is that SharePoint Server 2019 has finally reached RTM and is generally available from today! (See here for the blog post by Bill Baer.)

Some of the key changes coming is of course the introduction of ‘modern’ to the on-premises world, with modern pages, lists and libraries. With this update we also get communication sites (but sadly not Hub sites.. that’s O365 only!). We also get support for the new OneDrive Sync client (When do we stop calling it the ‘new’ client?) and a couple of nice features that will make many IT Pros happy.. large file support (up to 15GB), long filename support, reduced character restrictions and longer path lengths.

I’m looking forward to giving SharePoint 2019 a good run in a client project soon and will update as we find things we like.. and don’t like.. Eye rolling smile


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