SUGUK London Session & Slides on SharePoint Search Fine Tuning

Thanks to everyone that stayed around after Dan Holmes’ most excellent Governance session last night to hear me prattle on about tuning your search environment.

Just a note about Dan’s session first, I don’t really come from the ‘Business’ side of SharePoint as I’m from a mainly techy background. As a result, I sometimes find those ‘difficult’ conversations about business need quite difficult (surprisingly?). His slides did really get me to thinking about how those conversations can be structured and I think I’ll be adapting my approach accordingly. I’ll update this post with a link to Dan’s slides as soon as I find them!

As for my session, I really enjoyed delivering it, the SUGUK crowd have always been great, but standing up in front of them actually delivering a session, rather than just introducing the speakers is quite unnerving but that soon goes and I really enjoyed the session even with the technical issues with the projector and my first demo.

I’m aiming to get that first demo on gathering search feedback written up into a proper blog post, hopefully this weekend although that may have to take a backseat as I’m taking the 70-417 exam on Saturday as part of the step towards full 2013 certification.

In the meantime, Please find my slides linked here and feel free to contact me via Twitter or comments here if you have any questions. (Jan 2013 SUGUK – Fine Tuning Search slides)



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